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dinsdag 8 december 2009
ik kreeg vandaag een mailtje in de bus (via uiteraard) met een petitie tegen de paps foto's en voor meer respect voor Robert Pattinson

om rechtstreeks naar de petitie te gaan en deze te tekenen moet je hier zijn.

Following recent photographs photos and videos appeared on the net and showing Robert Pattinson completely distraught in front of these paparazzi, so I decided to set up this petition. That's enough now!

Because he is just like us. He must be respected as we respect people around us.
It is clear that these STOLEN SHOOTS are a breach of the right to privacy.

He is not a toy He is human with emotions and limits, stop push him to the extreme !!

It is not because he is a world's star that it give us right to interfere into his private life!!
And shoot him all the time, and when we want !! And by the way, The life is not like a zoo, and he is not an zoo animal !! He is not our pets!!

Loving someone is, before all, RESPECT HIM !!!

It is high time to stop it now ...
Then join us. To tell STOP to the paparazzi, sign this petition, buy less Stars magazines, who are the fruit of all these stolen photos who makes Pattinson's life a misery.

Because there isn't only Robert Pattinson in this situation and that all other celebrities are also affected. React by signing ...

ps: ik was al nummer 733 die deze petitie tekende

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