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zaterdag 3 juli 2010
Deze vraag werd aan vele castmembers gesteld door 'Instyle'. Lees hier wat ze antwoorden.

*Robert Pattinson:
"I keep everything from the set. I've stolen all of Edward's clothes."

* Elizabeth Reaser:
"My original Esme bracelet. I've seen reproductions of it in stores, but I want to keep the one that I wear once we finish [filming]. It's mine!"

*Taylor Lautner:
"All my character wears is jean shorts, so I'll have to go with those. That's my only option!"

* Julia Jones:
"Leah's cut-offs!"

* Kellan Lutz:
"Emmett's Jeep! I've wanted it since we shot the first movie. I keep saying that, but nothing's happened. I'm still waiting!"

*Tinsel Korey:
"My relationship with everybody from set. We get along like a real family. Our relationship is special."

*Xavier Samuel:
"Vampires dress really well, so it would have to be Riley's jacket. When you run it's a bit flamboyant, but it looks good. I recommend running in those jackets."

* Sarah Clarke:
"In Eclipse, my character wears a cowboy hat and they let me keep it. Now that the movie is out, I won't be able to wear it as much."

* Peter Facinelli:
"Carlisle's ring! It has the Cullen crest, the symbol of the whole family, on it. I'd like to take it home and keep it in a drawer somewhere. Once, I couldn't get it off my finger, so it did go home with me."

* Alex Meraz:
"The shorts are all I've got! We keep using the same shorts but I keep getting bigger for each film, so the shorts keep getting tighter. By the end of the series, they’re going to be torn. Hey, sex sells and I'm glad to sell it!"


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