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zondag 3 oktober 2010
ik vond dit verslag van iemand uit zijn Entourage over deze film en het verblijf in België.
Woensdag is er blijkbaar een uitstap naar Amsterdam gepland.

Our trip from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan started out great until we got to the airport and was told that due to an Air Traffic Control strike in Brussels, our flight would be delayed by 7 hours. Friggidy Diggidy! I did not like the sound of that. It meant that our lack of sleep would be bout 24 hours behind. I am still behind, having slept until 230pm today, missing most of a wonderfully warm 22cel morning.
Our flight pattern was as follows...Regina-Toronto (on time)
Toronto-Montreal (on time) but with 7 hours trying to kill time in the airport. I hung around with some of the Canadian crew that were on our flight and Cameron and Martin (playing his best friend) and Brenda (wardrobe) went for dinner at the Marriott hotel that was attached to far end of airport. They had a hard time getting back through security as the boarding passes said Toronto to Brussels and nothing about the Montreal connector flight. They had to go to Air Canada ticket agent to be escorted through security.
Montreal-Brussels..7 hours late arriving at 3pm and not 8am as planned.
Fast forward a few days...
Friday night was meet n greet for we Canadians and the Brussels crew at an open air club. From there only a selected number of us, director, producer, me, Cam, and the Canadian crew were invited to Astrids (plays Camerons Aunt) house for a lovey dinner. Her home is amazing and used to be horse stables. Her hubby is a famous architect (Lionel Jadot) here in Belgium and he put his own flavour into the home.
Last night was White Night celebration.
Cameron, me and the gals from Canada, Tracy (Cams makeup) Megan (set dresser and props) and Martin (our local tour guide and Cams friend in movie) had a blast. We started in Grand Place, and all tried shots of Absynthe (illegal alcohol in Canada). Martin showed us the authentic way to belt those down...soak sugar cube in absynthe, then take it out and light it on fire until the sugar carmalizes, drop sugar back into liquor, stir and slam it back. After that we went to have some Belgium beer in a pub. I was not liking that at all as they can smoke indoors here and I get headaches immediately. Also, in Belgium you can drink while walking the streets. Something you would not see in Canada at all. Martin told us about a place where they dance on tables so he took us to it. The bouncer would not let us in because we were Canadian. WHAT! He definately was not on our faves list after that. That was a first for us...Check out Cams tweet about that place. He named it and I bet the word is out now...
We ran into the producer and his girlfriend and sat down with them on a street side cafe, enjoyed a few mojitos and shortly after visiting with them
I hitched a ride back with them to our condo. It was about 230am. Cameron stayed the night with Martin and said they closed the celebration down at about 630...He slept until
Has anyone ever heard of a machine gun sandwich? Cameron tried one...baguette with 2 hamburger patties and french fries crammed into it. Yikes.
Cameron, Martin, Tracy, Megan, Brenda and Marion(script supervisor) are heading to Amsterdam on Wed. I am still unsure if I am going or not. If I do not go...I will not be able to give you the low down
Off for a walk now.
Day one of filming in Brussels is tomorrow.

bron: CamFans

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Jill Guns zei

Weet je waar ergens hij in brussel is? Ik wil hem zieen :D

Anoniem zei

video cameron bright