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zondag 3 oktober 2010
En van dezelfde bron van daarnet vond ik ook dit:
I guess I can post this news now.
Cameron was offered a movie back in June and we now have confirmation of location and start dates.
We will be heading to Regina SK and then off to Belgium for filming of The Tamed Ones. Shoot time is a few weeks from now until the end of Oct.
IMDB does not have any info on this yet, but keep checking it out. 
Shoot dates are as follows...
Sept 20-Nov 1. To be split between Saskatchewan and Belgium.
(22/9/2010) We have now finished day 2 of 26. The cast and crew are amazing. Most of them are from Belgium/Paris or England. Cameron is the only Canadian in the cast, all of which have to do a Michigan accent. The little girl playing his sister is so adorable and I just want to pack her home with us. Last Wed I was invited by the director Vincent Lannoo, on the tech survey, which meant that I got to tag along with them to all the locations while the director, producers, electric, camera, and sound dept assessed the shot set-ups. A tag along by a 'parent of cast' is never done and I was totally honoured that he included me. It also gave Cameron an 'alone'
I will try and update you all occasionally but fear that it will not be too exciting as I can not give the script away.

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