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maandag 11 oktober 2010
Een Twilight fan uit Vancouver is vorige week op een set van Breaking Dawn gebotst. Je kan haar verslag hieronder (of op haar eigen website) lezen
I seem to keep running into Abe Fraser and his side kick Michael. At least I think it is Michael. I have never asked his name but he is always with Abe when I see them together scouting new locations and at already been used old locations. I saw them at the lot where they build Bella's house and then two weeks later, Bella's house was being built.
In fact I see both of them so often one would think we are having a relationship. HaHa.
(They are handsome guys so that wouldn't be a bad thing).

I was on a Tour today with some wonderful Twi Fans from Australia when low and behold, I ran into Abe and a complete camera crew in "the woods".
I said to my guests, " OMG, that is the locations manager who worked on New Moon, Eclipse and now he is on Breaking Dawn". They went "OMG". I kid you not.
We all played it very cool and kept on walking. We had to huddle to work out a plan and see who was going to ask the inquiring and probing questions like, "hi, what are you guys doing?"
Of course I knew what they were doing. They were conducting pre-production test filming. Practicing using the steady cam and testing out the locations. There were scouting new locations, testing out the camera and working out the scenes for Breaking Dawn.
We tried to be very incognito and use our peripherals to check out all the details.
There was a striking lady with wild curly red hair working with the crew of about 20 guys.
She admitted working with a consulting firm that acted like a liaison with production. They did not ever say what the production was but I knew.
We watched as producers spoke into their cell phones and made notes in little books.

We watched the steady cam crew run through the woods and we were trying to imaging who it was going to be running through the trees.

I imaged it would be Edward and Bella hunting after Bella becomes well enough to hunt as a Vampire.

It was all very fun and exciting. Then we walked out of the woods and spotted the running treadmill. It is the contraption SFX used to have the Vampires run very quickly through the woods. There was a green screen attached over the treadmill. They would be testing the location use with the equipments as well.
I posted a Twit pic of the lunch buffet set out for the crew. It looked delicious. I didn't have my camera with me but I had my camera phone. I took a video of the location and posted it to YouTube.

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